quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2008


The first recipe of the blog it´s BRIGADEIRO ! It's a delicious dessert with all love! The recipe is easy and quickly!

You need:

1 tin of condensed milk

4 soups spoons of powder cocoa

2 soups spoons of margarine

1 package chocolate sprinkles

In a pan you mix all the ingredients! Stir to dissolve the chocolate and cooking stirring constantly! Continue stirring and cooking until you are able to see the bottom of the pan! Retire the brigadeiro of the pan and wait cool! Now you butter your hands and roll the mixture into small balls and roll on a chocolate sprinkles!



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Ana Maria disse...


what a great and different topic you´ve chosen! I have to admit I´m not a good cook but I do admire those who have the talent. The recipe you gave is very good, at least this one I can make. Brigadeiro is one of my favourite sweets at birthday parties, I love Brigadeiro cake as well.

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All the best,

Danúbia Bull disse...

Hi Camila,
I am also a teacher at Cultura and my students have blogs as well. I love cooking and guess what I have just made? BRIGADEIRO!!!! My husband and I love it and we make it at least once a week. No kidding! I think we will have a lot to share!

Lauriane disse...

Hello Camila...

Your topic is very interesting for me... Because I LOVE chocolate,"brigadeiro",and all things are prepared with chocolat...


Karol disse...

Hi Camila!
I loved the idea of your blog! It's simple, but I haven't thought writing about it! I like to cook and will be great to learn new recipes reading your posts!
I'm writing on my blog about arts and all of their kinds, and do you know I awakened with your blog that cook is also an art?!

Dennis disse...

Oí, Camila.

Your post on brigadeiros was really interesting. I've never eaten brigadeiros, but I've often heard about them from a Brazilian friend. Now that I've read the recipe that you posted, maybe I'll try to make them myself!

After I read your post, I did a Web search for other kinds of Brazilian food. Now I'm really hungry!

I look forward to seeing more recipes!

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.

Dennis in Phoenix

Luis Fernando disse...

Well, I'm a sweet tooth, so it's a torturee to read about brigadeiro. Have you ever tried cooking them not with chocolate but vanilla, it's kind of "white brigadeiro". Some people even but them both together in what's called "mulatinho". You cook them separately then when rolling you put both parts together and cover with refineed sugar!


Waiting for the next torture session!


Luis Fernando

Ana Maria disse...

Dear Camila, we love very much brigadeiro too. We think is so easy to prepar. We like eating brigadeiro when we are watching TV, with friends and when it's cold.
Bye, Anaisa and Carolina

Aurélio Jr. disse...

hey camila

i love brigadeiro
i think brigadeiro it's the most fantastic candy in the world after nutella of corse

let's keep talking

i loved your blog


Rita Freitas disse...

Very nice and delicious recipe you gave. I love Brigadeiro!!! It's my favourite!
All the best

sofia disse...

Dear Camila,
We love brigadeiros and Brazilian sweets.
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All the best,